Santa Please Bring Me a Bedroom

Get yourself new bedroom sets for the Season!Dear Santa,

I’ve been an awfully good girl this year.  I don’t usually ask for much.  But I have this beautiful new house that I absolutely love…except for the bedroom.  I have second-rate furniture from a big box store in that room, and it’s starting to fall apart.  Instead of looking forward to a luxurious night’s sleep every evening, I dread opening the door and wondering where a nail will be sticking out tonight or whether another mysterious nick has appeared in the wood veneer, exposing the unsightly particle board underneath.  When visitors come to my house, I keep the door to my bedroom closed so they won’t see that awful furniture.

So you see, Santa, I’ve done some homework for you.  I’ve found this incredible bedroom set that would look absolutely fabulous in my beautiful new bedroom.  I just love country furniture, Santa.  It’s full of character and it’s also ecologically responsible.  This set is made out of teak wood, which means I’ll never ask you for another bedroom set because this one will last me forever!  You won’t have to haul it on your sleigh because shipping is free to my home.  I’m even happy to complete the small amount of assembly that is required before I can use the furniture.  I have to have something to do after Christmas dinner!  Best of all, I found the Groovy Stuff Hill Country Bedroom Package for a great price from JHE’s Log Furniture Place‼

Santa, I know this is a tall order but really all the work is done for you.  Your elves can kick back and put their feet up, because this beauty of a bedroom set is already made in the U.S.A.  It’s a win-win scenario.  I’m happy because I have a bedroom that I can be proud of (and don’t have to keep the door closed all the time), and you and your elves merely need to make a few clicks in order to get the entire set to my house on Christmas eve.  I’ll even leave you extra cookies.  So c’mon, Santa, whaddya say?


Your biggest fan

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