Picture Perfect

Console tables are compact=I don’t know about the rest of you, but storage space is always an issue at my house.  There just never seems to be enough of it.  Even though we move frequently, which forces us to purge a lot of trinkets and treasures that might otherwise accumulate, we still seem to keep acquiring items that are worthy of keeping around for a while.  That is especially so now that we have two little boys in the family.

In this age of digital media, many keepsakes that used to be in the form of printed snapshots, collections of kids’ artwork, and baby books stuffed to the gills with mementos have now gone the way of electronic media and storage.  This is a wonderful method in which to have many memories readily available in a minimum amount of space.  The problem is all of those lovely family photos and candids are not in a visible form for us to display.  Sure, it’s a simple solution…get your favorite pictures printed.  Then we face the challenge of finding a place to display…and store…all those cherished photos.

A rugged and rustic solution is available to save the day!  The Cottage Barnwood 3 Drawer Console Table is a beautifully reclaimed barnwood occasional table that works perfectly for displaying your mementos.  Its small footprint and compact design enables it to fit perfectly into many areas of your home.  It also comes equipped with two functional drawers, suitable for storing extra photos that you can either rotate through the display or have at the ready when telling a story about your family and needing the photographic evidence to prove the punch line.  Of course, this table is multi-functional, so if you ever need some extra serving space at dinner parties or social events, tuck the photos away into the drawers and then pull them back out later.  This picture-perfect little table can do it all in just a small amount of space.

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