Attention Last Minute Christmas Shoppers

Let them pick what they want with these Gift Certificates!My husband loves to tell the story about how he used to shop for Christmas in his wild ‘n crazy single days.  He and a friend would head out to the mall in the nearest big city, go on a frenzied shopping spree for a couple of hours, take the gifts to the wrapping station and pay to have them all packaged up in pretty paper, then relax at the mall bar after a “strenuous” day of shopping.  Of course, now I am the one that does all the shopping but I usually try to get it all done at least a week before Christmas and I usually don’t unwind at the bar afterwards.  If I’m lucky, I get him to wrap the gifts so I don’t have to.

There are advantages to shopping at the last minute.  Stores cater to shoppers like my husband and hold great sales on Christmas Eve.  The traffic shouldn’t be bad because most people are done shopping and are spending time with their families and friends.  You can relax and enjoy the Christmas season and then only spend a few hours in a shopping panic.

However, in order to make this last minute shopping come together, you really need to have a plan.  A checklist of gift recipients and what you are getting them makes the shopping so much easier.  If you have people to buy for and aren’t sure what gift to get them, the stress level can quickly elevate to above a fever pitch.  If this is you, don’t despair.  Gift certificates may seem impersonal, but they are so flexible and allow the recipient to get the gift that he or she truly wants.

For the people on your gift list who love rustic log and reclaimed Barnwood furniture, there is no better last-minute gift than a gift certificate from JHE’s Log Furniture Place.  You can purchase it five minutes before you climb into the car to drive to mom & dads.  You simply visit the website, enter your billing information, and it is immediately delivered to your inbox so you can print it out and put it into a handsome gift box.  Christmas shopping has never been so easy and stress-free.  You will be so relaxed that there will be no need for a stop at the bar to wind down.

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