Rolling in to a Pool Game near You

Pool tables are the best for the game roomThe need to be unique is present in various degrees with different people.  Some go to great lengths to own things that can’t be found in anyone else’s house or garage while others do their best to possess material objects that are on par with or better than what their friends and neighbors have.  The variety of discernment among buyers is the spice that flavors furniture creations.

When it comes to the game room, some really intriguing pieces can be found.  Card tables and dart boards have been fashioned from many different sources, and sometimes follow a theme that is found throughout the game room and the bar area that is often adjacent.  Sports teams and liquor advertisements are common ideas around which to build theme game rooms.  For those who dare to be different, the décor is far more reaching.

Lovers of truly unique rustic furniture have found the perfect centerpiece for their game room.  The Groovy Stuff Teak Wood Cattle Barons Pool Table is an awe-inspiring piece that is fashioned from reclaimed teak wood.  The corner pockets are actually hand carved mill gear pockets and the substantial legs are repurposed sugar mill gears.  The half wheels that complete the undercarriage of the table give it the look of rolling right out of the room and down the wagon trail.  And speaking of rolling, your friends and neighbors will all be making the trip to your house to check out this awesome billiard beauty.  Yours will be the game room of envy!

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