Preserving the Memories

Dining room sets like these remind you of the good old days.I have some friends who own a nice little acreage.  When I first came to know them, their farm had several dated outbuildings but they had fixed them up nicely to house their small horse operation.  Warm memories come to mind when I think of time spent in the aisle of one of their sheds, jamming to country music and learning to line dance.  Laughter and the warm smell of the horses filled the small building as we spent evenings in its cozy interior.

Many years later, my friends’ horse farm has undergone quite a transformation.  An aged barn and shed have given way to a spacious steel span building.  Matching steel loafing sheds shelter the horses in the pastures.  Even the old house has given way to a nice new home.  I’m so happy that my friends have been able to make their place so nice, even though I sometimes miss those old buildings.

The other day when I was visiting, I noticed a really cool decorative birdhouse situated on a post near the back door of the house.  My friend told me that it had been crafted from wood that was taken from their old barn, the same one in which I had once danced.  For a minute I mourned the loss of the old barn, but was happy to know that it had been honored with this beautiful birdhouse.

You may also have structures at your place that hold special memories for you.  If that barn or shed has to be removed, you can preserve those memories by reclaiming some of the wood and using it to make a piece of rustic furniture for your home.  Whether you decide on something small like a coffee table or instead settle on a substantial piece like the Black Mountain Reclaimed Barnwood Dining Table with Trestle Base, there is no better way to honor the memories of your old building.

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