Mum’s the Word

Because of their color, wood planters are the fall gardener's best friend.

For those gardening aficionados, the beginning of fall usually means the end of flowering plants.  The further north you travel, the more true that becomes.  Many of the blooms that love the heat and long days of summer suffer with the chill and lessening sunlight that marks the season of autumn.

However, do not fear a season void of color.  On the contrary, fall has its own unique palette of various hues of red, orange, and yellow.  Trees are the center of the autumn artwork, and many people plan weekend trips to drive through the most wooded areas of their locale, snapping photos and admiring the artistry of Mother Nature.  Look closer to the ground and you will find another one of fall’s breathtaking masterpieces:  the chrysanthemum.

Mums, as they are more commonly called, come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.  Garden, grocery, and hardware stores all sell them to patrons, and they are a hot commodity when the weather starts to cool down.  Many people like to set them in a gathering that includes pumpkins, gourds, and perhaps a straw bale and a few corn stalks.  The splash of color that mums provide really brighten a fall landscape and lend some cheery color until the first freeze of the year nips the blooms off the stems.

Rustic planters provide a perfect backdrop to the bright blossoms of the mum.  However, the harsh fall conditions not only eventually take their toll on the mums, but also on the container they are in.  Mums also require a good deal of watering, which can also be quite detrimental to a planter.  A wooden bucket that can take the abuse of the season and still be up for the task of holding your wintertime greenery is the Groovy Stuff Teak Wood Farmers Bucket Planter.

Teak is far and away the most durable kind of wood available, so neither rain, nor ice, nor snow can break it down.  This planter is built from reclaimed wood, teak that was once part of an old farm implement, wagon or perhaps even a barn. So adorning your front porch and holding your mums will not be the first rodeo for the boards that make up this rustic beauty.  Just remember to remove your mum from the planter, plant it in a sheltered location, and mulch generously before the first frost hits.  If you’re lucky, the mum will come back next year for another round in the teak wood planter.  Happy fall y’all!

By the way, if you like the rich, timeless look of this planter bucket as much as I do, you might be delighted to learn that there is also furniture for indoors and out made from teak. Reclaimed wood furniture with a story to tell and some ingenious design uses of cast off, objects all crafted from teak.

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