Fall for Fall Colors in Country Art

Autumn is such a refreshing time of year.  I love the crispness that is in the air and the earthy smell of the leaves that have fallen on the ground.  Mother Nature paints the landscape in brilliant hues of red, yellow, and orange.  Harvest moves into full swing and armies of tractors and combines make their way across the farm fields.  Apple orchards and pumpkin patches become crowded with those folks seeking fall fun and autumn fruit.

I have always loved the transition into fall and the onset of “sweatshirt weather”.  Although the chill is a reminder that Old Man Winter is just around the corner, brisk air and bright sunshine provides days so beautiful that it seems a crime to not be outside enjoying the gifts of nature.  One of my favorite and most vivid memories of autumn is the satisfyingly sweet crunch of apples fresh from the trees.  The ones you buy at the grocery store just never quite taste the same.  I have good memories of visiting the orchards in the fall and I hope to make the same memories for my children as they grow up.

To commemorate those good memories and keep them in mind year-round, pictures of that bountiful time of year remind us that autumn is never more than a year away.  In the painting “Autumn’s Bounty” by John Rossini, a wagon is loaded with ripe, red apples and marked with a sign proclaiming the availability of fall goodies.  The cozy farmhouse and lovely old barn in the background help to draw you in on an otherwise chilly and dreary day.  Although the leaves are mostly gone from the trees and it looks like a cold rain has just fallen, the promise of that sweet crunch lures you down the driveway and eases your pocketbook out of your purse.  “Trading green for red is well worth it”, you mutter to yourself as you munch happily on your purchase and drive gleefully down to road to your eventual destination.

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