Blizzards and Billiards

As the long days of summer wind down to the earlier twilight hours of fall, we begin to be reminded of the cold days of winter that lie ahead.  Outdoor festivities become contingent on the weather and a warming fire becomes the centerpiece of patio gatherings.  In my neighborhood, we have already discussed how we probably will not see each other much as we hibernate away the bitter cold and deep snow of winter.

All in all, winter can be a very isolating season.  Unless you are part polar bear and enjoy outdoor activities when the temperatures dip so far they freeze your nostrils together, you are in the majority of the population who stay inside their homes where it’s warm and dry.  However, you don’t have to take cover in your own living room.  You can still enjoy the company of your friends and neighbors while you take cover from Old Man Winter.  Arrange a traveling game night in your neighborhood and invite all your favorite people!

Of course, game night necessitates a few people venturing out in the cold and dark for a few minutes as they trek to the warm recesses of your home.  But once they get inside, take off their coats and boots, and grab a seasonal beverage, they will be ready to get their game on.  Entertain everyone with a pool tournament that is centered on your Rustic Barnwood Billiard Table.  The rustic appearance and rugged durability of the table will add to the coziness of your home and will invite your friends to come back time and again.  The only detriment is the fact that only two to four players can participate at a time, but what fun the audience will have as they cheer on their favorite billiards athlete!  The tournament can continue from weekend to weekend, and winter will speed by until the finals bring on the onset of spring in a few months.  Game on!

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