Barnwood Bachelor

While browsing through a catalog full of the rustic character of barnwood furniture pieces, the name of a certain piece of furniture caught my eye.  I could not understand how “barnwood” and “bachelor” could be combined as an accurate description for a beautiful chest of drawers.  I decided to give it a closer look to try to dispel the mystery.

I clicked on the picture of the six-drawer chest to enlarge it and give it a good once-over.  The only difference I could detect from other chests I have seen is the two separate small drawers at the top.  Otherwise, the four large drawers are adorned with very handsome hardware and have plenty of room for a bachelor…or anyone…to put all of his (or her) treasured belongings.  Did it earn its name from being so sturdy and sexy?

Then my thoughts turned to the literal meaning of the word “bachelor”.  That is a term that we have heard all too often on the television because of a series of shows that draws a lot of attention from viewers.  Is this bachelor also looking for a mate, much like the starring role in the series?  Then I discovered that the headboard of the bed in the picture is named the Dreamcatcher.  My ah-ha moment arrived.  The Rural Root 6 Drawer Barnwood Bachelor Chest has a dream, and it is to catch the best barnwood pieces to accompany it in a bedroom suite!

Judging by the harmonious picture above, this bachelor has found the mate(s) of his dreams.  No television crew was needed, no rings were exchanged, and no vows were written.  He will remain a bachelor by name, but with this Rural Root Dreamcatcher Bed and other reclaimed wood furniture pieces made from aged barn wood, he will live out the rest of his life fulfilled and satisfied.  Don’t you just love a happy ending, especially when the story takes place in your own house?

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