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One of the things I love best about summertime is the abundance of garden-fresh fruits and vegetables that are available.  Nothing beats the taste of a potato that you have hand-dug out of your own patch, or a batch of peas that you woke up early to pick before the sun got too hot, then sat under the shade tree and shelled them.  Even though I hated the garden and the work it signified when I was younger, now I relish the fruits of that labor.

These days, in most places, you can enjoy fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables without having to do the manual work yourself.  Just visit a local farmer’s market and you can find a plethora of produce, waiting to find its way into your kitchen in exchange for a small fee.  Oftentimes the same vendors sell their wares at the market week after week, so you can develop a relationship with them and if you are so inclined, work out a deal so that you can buy a bulk of your favorite produce to can and freeze for the long winter months.

Even though someone else is doing the labor of planting and harvesting your summer treats, you still have to invest some elbow grease of your own before you can serve them up on your dinner table.  Cleaning, cutting, slicing, and peeling are some of the activities you will need to figure on indulging.  Plenty of preparation space is needed for seasonal goodies.  The Cottage Barnwood Kitchen  Island with Butcher Block Top is the perfect surface on which to prepare your produce.

Not only does this handsome, rustic and historical piece of kitchen barnwood furniture afford a very spacious area in which to chop and dice, but it offers plenty of storage underneath for all of your canning and freezing supplies.  During the winter months, the surface of this island can be used for holiday baking and as a serving counter for all of the goodies you make from your summer produce.

Yes, summer is a great season for many different activities.  If you haven’t yet visited your local farmer’s market, plan on doing so soon and pick up some of the juicy, flavorful, and organic produce available there.  ‘Tis the season to eat healthily and bottle up the goodness for the winter months ahead!

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