Born Again Barnwood

I have talked many times before about the beauty, personality, and character of reclaimed barnwood furniture.  Not only is it rustic in appearance, but the wood is completely dry from many years of weathering and the pieces make a rock solid piece of furniture when they are joined together.  There is no worry about any additional warping or cracking.  It is thrilling to think about all the history that is brought together into one piece of furniture, just by using reclaimed barnwood.

When you shop for furniture at a number of the large furniture stores, you may find barnwood furniture or pieces that are crafted from new lumber, but dried and rough-cut to simulate the barnwood look.  If you compare those pieces to ones sold by JHE’s Log Furniture Place, you may be surprised at the price difference that you see in the two.  However, take a closer look at both pieces.  Does the one from the large-name manufacturer contain pressboard, plywood, or particle board inside the doors and drawers?  All of those are legitimate pieces of wood that are used in building furniture.  However, they are also easily subject to damage and breakage caused by normal wear and tear, and probably feature a warranty (or not) that is short-term…kind of like their life expectancy.

If you want a piece of barnwood furniture that will last for years and years and look great doing it, pay the little bit extra for the piece from JHE’s Log Furniture Place.  Check out the video on the Barnwood Designs Black Mountain Enclosed Nightstand.  You will see that every board that makes up this little nightstand is, indeed, reclaimed barnwood.  Barn wood boards will not crack or break like particle board.  It will hold up to nearly any abuse you can dish out.  You have a choice of either genuine leather or authentic antler door and drawer pulls to accent the already abundant natural character of the wood.  If you need another reason, nearly all barnwood furniture sold through JHE’s is accompanied by a lifetime or limited lifetime warranty.  That’s just a testament to the longevity of the barnwood piece that you are purchasing.

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