What’s In a Name?

Bedroom furniture can be used in so many ways.Conceiving a suitable name for a child is a difficult decision.  Very difficult.  My husband and I have experienced the process twice, and it doesn’t get any easier with subsequent decisions.  As we sort through hundreds of possible names, I struggle to think that we are making a very influential choice for a person who hasn’t even been born yet but has to live with our decision for his entire life.

Some things have a name that is given to them because they were designed to fit a certain purpose or they were born into a family of similar products that have carried the same moniker for a very long time.  For instance, sweet corn is considered to be a member of the grass family, but it can be hard to comprehend such sugary goodness is related to the clumps of spiky stuff in your front yard landscaping.  That may seem just as unlikely as fields of pampas grass growing in organized and cultivated rows.

I have one very young child and another on the way (hence the naming decisions).  As many of you know, these kids come with a barrage of utensils, food, accessories; “stuff” that ends up commanding a lot of kitchen cabinet space, even if only temporarily until the next stage comes along.  With our first, I ended up with unsightly piles of baby food jars on the kitchen counter for several months.  I hope to avoid that with our second one, and have been contemplating a solution that will both look good and free up cabinet and counter space in the kitchen.

Part of my problem solving process often involves brainstorming.  This enables me to do a little thinking outside of the box, maybe come up with some ideas that are outside of the “norm”.  Using a nightstand in the kitchen to store baby food and “stuff” is the latest result of my storming sessions.  The Barnwood Designs Reclaimed Alpine Heirloom Enclosed Nightstand is a perfect size to fit on a small wall in my kitchen.  It has a rustic appearance but can easily complement the more modern-looking granite and dark cabinetry in our kitchen, especially when it comes in four different finish colors.

The stock nightstand only comes with one shelf, but a call to JHE’s Log Furniture Place can probably change the configuration to two shelves.  Instead of the usual agenda of holding a lamp or alarm clock, the top of the stand affords a nice preparation area for mixing formula or doling out the vittles for a meal. The sturdy build of this piece ensures it can hold all the baby food you can shove into it, and it probably won’t even groan when the child opens the door, pushes all the jars out onto the floor, and wedges himself onto a shelf… just for fun.

So really, a name is just a suggestion.  We all have our “formal” names, but many earn lifelong nicknames somewhere along the way.  Just because corn is a grass doesn’t mean it needs to reside in the middle of your flower bed, and a nightstand does not always have to be used beside a bed with an alarm clock on top of it.  Names are nice, but do not define the people or things they are tied to. After all, this is just a small cupboard that was built to be the right height for easy access from a bed. That doesn’t mean the barnwood furniture can’t be used anywhere else it works.

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