Doesn’t This Barnwood Make My Leather Look Phat?

Barnwood furniture can also work well with leatherAs many of us know, there are many different textures and elements that nicely complement reclaimed barnwood furniture.  A home that is decorated with an edgy, contemporary flair can effectively incorporate barnwood furniture to soften its hard edges and to provide a little character.  On the other hand, the patina and historical element of reclaimed barn wood easily blends into the country décor home, providing a solid display surface and equally trustworthy storage for items both big and small.

Just as rustic barnwood furniture can complement many types of homes, there are several choices of hardware that can nicely accentuate the beauty of reclaimed wood.  Drawer pulls and door handles can either enhance the look of a piece or detract from its overall appearance.  Wrought and rusty iron is a common choice to use for hardware.  However, an equally logical application is straps of leather attached to the wood using hammered-metal topped upholstery nails.  Leather is a material that is created and aged by Mother Nature herself, quite similar to the boards of a barn.

The Barnwood Designs Reclaimed Barnwood 2 Drawer Nightstand is an outstanding example of how barnwood and leather can pair together well.  This nightstand is offered with either leather strap handles or with pieces of authentic antler, another natural product.  The color of the tanned leather enhances the worn patina of the wood but is different enough to stand out as a unique detail of the piece.  If it is treated well and not allowed to dry out, the leather will last for many years.  The natural beauty of the leather creates a true partnership with the barnwood, improving the look of both elements.  It is the perfect marriage of rustic furniture.

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