Complement with Copper

These work perfectly well with your kitchen's barnwood furnitureAs much as we love our reclaimed barnwood furniture, sometimes it is difficult to find the right hardware to complement its rustic character.  The rich history that is engrained into the barn wood commands accessories that provide subtle support to the story that is being told.  Copper is a perfect material to use in providing a complement to your barnwood story.

Copper is a soft metal associated with the one cent US penny and is often overlooked when decorators are planning what to put into a home.  However, it possesses some admirable traits that other household metal products do not.  Copper has natural antibacterial qualities.  Research has proven that bacteria can only live on copper for a few hours as compared to several days on stainless steel.  The unique appearance of copper is very easy to maintain and because of its softness, it is able to heal itself of minor nicks and cuts.  The aged patina of copper provides a beautiful complement to rustic barnwood.

Knowing these qualities that copper possesses, the Premier Copper Kitchen Apron Double Basin Sink is a very smart choice for your rustic kitchen.  The hammered treatment instantly ages its appearance to match that of your barnwood furniture.  Several other sink options are available to suit your needs and likes.  Additionally, you can install copper sinks in your bathrooms, a copper tub for soaking, copper tiles for your kitchen backsplash, and even showcase copper in the small details with switch plates and outlet covers.

The warm color and rich patina of copper makes it a perfect complement to reclaimed barnwood.  Its depth of color echoes some of the same hues found in the aged wood.  It ages as gracefully as the barns from which your furniture is derived.  When you are drawing out the details of your barnwood-furnished home, you should strongly consider complementing with copper.

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