By the Light of the Barn Quilt

Here in the Midwest, barn quilts are becoming ever more popular.  These painted reproductions of the stitched variety can be found in many different sizes, colors, and patterns.  Not only can barn quilts be spotted on the sides or gables of barns, but also on garages, sheds, and even on houses and fences.

These little pieces of artwork add an air of modern character to the agricultural historians they are typically associated with.  The faded colors of the barn are offset by the bright hues contained in the quilt pattern.  There may even be some farm and family history involved in the choice of the pattern.  Barns that are decorated with a quilt stand out from others, especially because usually no two blocks are the same.

The two paintings by Tonya Crawford, Moon Farm I and II, commemorate these modern day pieces of art.  She has illuminated the quilts on the two subject barns with moonlight, making them look as though they are glowing in the night.  The focus on the quilts is quite delightful for fans of barn quilts.  The pair of paintings would be a wonderful addition to the home of a barn quilt enthusiast.  They are available from JHE’s Log Furniture Place’s Art Gallery, along with many other pieces of art that nicely complement your rustic furniture and décor.

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