Barn, White & Blue

Rustic barnwood furniture captures the natural American spirit in any room.Iowa is such a beautiful state in the summertime.  The rolling hills full of growing corn swaying in the breeze is a reminder why this area of the country is known as America’s breadbasket.  Hues of green are everywhere, from grass to soybeans to trees to corn.  This past weekend I noticed many other colors dotting the countryside as well.  Wildflowers are prolific in the ditches in pastures and aren’t shy about showing their beautiful faces to passersby.  I don’t remember such a wide palette of colors when I was growing up, but perhaps I just wasn’t paying enough attention.

One of the most remarkable sights I experienced while traveling the back roads the past few days is the way that Mother Nature arranges her works of art.  The rolling roads are presently flanked by waves of bright blue bachelor’s buttons, then a few feet into the ditch the blue gives way to the delicate white heads of Queen Anne’s lace.  It’s like taking a ride through some truly patriotic country.  If you count the faded red of the many barns that call rural Iowa home, it is the full American palette, just as Mother Nature has painted it.

You can enjoy a rendition of this breathtaking artwork inside of your home.  Use the Rural Root Barnwood Coffee table as a rustic backdrop for your masterpiece, just as the barns that dot the countryside function as a complement to the display of wildflowers.  Then, go out and pick a nice batch of bachelor’s buttons and Queen Anne’s lace, organize it all into a vase, and place the whole arrangement in a place of prominence on your reclaimed barnwood furniture.  You can change your bouquet with the seasons appropriately by cutting wildflowers that are growing outside at the same time.  If you prefer an arrangement with a little less pollen and mess, you can visit your local craft store and pick up the silken version of Mother Nature’s beauties.

Next time you are taking a drive through the countryside, make a conscious effort to look for and enjoy the art that Mother Nature has set forth for us.  Rich colors abound where others might think that only weeds reside.  Don’t be afraid to celebrate that natural beauty by bringing the palette of colors indoors.  This time of year, there is nothing more patriotic than a natural display of barn, white, and blue.

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