A Hutch with Much

You just can't go wrong with wood hutches!It almost never fails.  You move into a home or an apartment and the dining area has a big, bare wall that is begging for an ample piece of furniture or a sizeable painting, anything to cover the large expanse of drywall.  Your dinner parties are also begging…for additional dinnerware, silverware, serving platters.  However, your cabinets already groan with the load they have taken on.

What are your solutions?  You need something that will take up wall space, room to store extra pieces for entertaining, and hopefully both of these things in one piece that will look darn good doing it.  My husband and I used to think that a little metal-and-glass bar would do the trick.  It functioned well enough, I guess.  We tried our best to use its curved top, along with the small built-in wine rack under its surface, to display and store our liquor and wine collection.  But then we stopped hosting as many parties.  And then we added children to our household, who think the liquor and wine collection is a bunch of glass toys.  I hurriedly put all the breakable bottles up and out of the reach of children and instead used the bar for home décor pieces and fake ivy leaves.

We need a new solution.  Perhaps one with a little less glass and a lot less metal.  Someplace we can hide our extra kitchen supplies.  Maybe even a spot up high to stash what remains of our liquor and wine collection.  We need a buffet and hutch.

Enter the Wyoming Reclaimed Barnwood Buffet & Hutch.  I don’t know of a more handsome piece of rustic furniture built for this exact purpose.  The weathered patina, compliments of Wyoming outdoor elements blasted at the barns it was born from, gives this piece a whole lot more character than a metal-and-glass bar.  It takes up a commanding amount of wall space, but still leaves plenty of room in the dining area for a family-sized dining table and chairs.  This piece of barnwood furniture certainly contains enough hidden storage, both high and low, for all of our cabinet spillover.  It even has a surface that can be used to display cherished pieces of dinnerware, and then double as a serving surface during dinner parties.  Heck, it can even be a mix-your-own bar if we so desire.  It really is a hutch with much to offer.

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