The Apple of Your Eye

HUse rustic furniture to soften out your living room.ave you ever wondered how the coffee table got its name?  It’s one of those things that make you stop and wonder.  One can come up with many different theories.  The most logical conclusion is that it is used as a place to set your coffee while you sit on the sofa or easy chair, perhaps reading the paper or checking your email.

Whatever the reason for its name, the coffee table is one of the most central pieces of furniture in a living room.  Generally it sits in the middle of the seating arrangement and acts as a resting place for anything that folks want to have handy while they enjoy the sofa and chairs.  It can also function as a table for games or activities, or as a display space for magazines and books.  Since it is in a convenient location while watching television, it can also be a great place to stage a bowl of nutritious snacks.

Because it is such a central piece of furniture, those who prefer rustic décor will want their coffee table to reflect their taste.  The Rural Root Barnwood Coffee Table fits the bill perfectly.  It is crafted of rough-cut pine lumber and fashioned to look just like reclaimed barnwood.  The rugged character and rustic appearance of this table blends well with many different styles of sofas and chairs.  It is built strong enough to sustain almost any abuse an active family can dole out and still survive as an heirloom that can be passed down to those kids that once climbed and jumped on it.

If you are reading this blog, chances are good that you are a fan of rustic furniture.  Consider building your living room around this fantastic barnwood coffee table.  Only, instead of setting coffee on it, take a hint from the picture above.  Strategically place a bowl of apples or seasonal fruit on it so your family will reach for a nutritious snack while watching television or playing games.  A sturdy piece of furniture that can encourage your family to be healthier will certainly be the apple of your eye.

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