Did the Furniture or the House Come First?

Include this piece in your redecorating plansThe argument over whether the chicken or the egg came first is an age-old question that has been discussed over and over again.  Because so many different theories abound and scientists read facts differently, this is a question that has never been solved, and probably never will.  Now, in the throes of house hunting, I beg to answer a different question:  did the furniture or the house come first?

In the picture above, it is obvious that the furniture came first.  The Barnwood Designs Reclaimed Cascade Springs Bed is enjoying a very organic resting spot along the banks of a peaceful lake with not a wall in sight.  If a sun umbrella and perhaps a bug net were included, it would make an awesome fair weather napping spot.  But back to my question…

I pondered this thought the other night.  I soon will be walking through many different homes, visualizing how we will decorate and if it is a fitting home for our family.  But then I wonder, do I make a choice on a layout that will fit our existing furniture or do I choose a home with a layout I love, then use some of what we already have and integrate some new pieces to complement the shape of the rooms?  After all, I am planning to replace a few of our contemporary pieces with the more rustic character that is displayed by barnwood furniture.  Which then raises yet another question:  do I select a home that would complement a more rustic decorating style, or do I just make some adjustments to the home I choose in order to best display the style of furniture in that particular room?

House hunting is full of questions and uncertainty, as well as anticipation and excitement.  I am very eager to begin the process of finding our own house and ending the chain of rentals that we have lived in for the past few years.  I’m sure there will be many more questions along the way, but I’m thinking they will begin to answer themselves as the right house “speaks” to me.  If not, I know that I can turn to JHE’s Log Furniture Place as a reputable source of high quality barnwood furniture with which to accessorize our home.

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