Simple Barnwood Beauty

IThis barn wood furniture's simple design can give you that great home feelingsn’t it beautiful?  That was the first thing I thought when I saw this end table.  I just sat back and admired it for a minute or two.  If that’s the impression it gave me from a picture on a website, just imagine how I would react to seeing it in person.  Even in this small of scale, it’s hard to believe that boards reclaimed from an old barn can be so elegant.

Small furniture pieces can still provide a big impact.  Put them in a place of prominence, and they will stand out from larger pieces.  In this picture, the basket, books, and candle base are all about the same color as the wood.  This ensures the accessories blend in and do not detract the eye from looking at the beauty of the barn wood furniture.  Brightly colored accent pieces are also fine, but care must be taken to provide the correct balance and to pull the eye in to the rustic end table that you actually want admirers to notice.

Rustic furniture carries with it an implicit simplicity.  It reminds us of a time when life wasn’t so hectic and stressful.  Physical work was the bulk of what was needed to survive.  The lumber that makes up this Wyoming Reclaimed Barnwood End Table was revived from a structure that had sheltered livestock and machinery through weather and wind.  Just thinking of the love that wood had for its inhabitants makes me feel cozy and safe to share my own home with its presence.  Just with its history and simplistic beauty, this single piece of log furniture can make a house feel like a home.

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