Priceless Pub Table

IThis rustic wine cabinet serves as a pub table and shelf as well. love watching home improvement shows on television.  They are full of ideas, inspiration, and motivation.  I seriously think that I could sit on the couch for an entire weekend and take in a home improvement show marathon.  Of course, I would have to have a notebook and sketch pad next to me to record all of the ideas I come up while I watch the shows.

One of things that disappoint me most about those shows is that they assume 1. That those wanting to make home improvements own the home they live so therefore have the liberty to re-paint and make major cosmetic changes and 2. Those watching the show have a large amount of living space.  I’ve often wished they had a series of shows that target the set that rent apartments, town homes, and small houses.

Since we move on a regular basis and have lived in many different types and sizes of living spaces, I have learned that the best furniture for us to have is pieces that are multi-functional.  For instance, the Barnwoods Designs Riverwoods Pub Table with Wine Cabinet is three different pieces of furniture in one attractive package.  It is the perfect complement for a small dining or entertainment area.  First and foremost it is a sturdy and rustic table, handy for casual meals or as a conversation area.  As the evening wears on, slide the hidden shelf out, put out some sliced cheese, and take the wine glasses out from underneath.  Reach a little further and pull a bottle of wine out of the rack, pop the cork, and pour some fuel for a great night of conversation.

For those of us who inhabit small living spaces, furniture that has more than one function is preferable over several single use pieces.  When that furniture also has the rich character of reclaimed barnwood, it is that much more valuable to the homeowner.  The more value that is packed into one piece of barnwood furniture, the more priceless it becomes.

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