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IRustic furniture is always a good choice for bedroom designs consider myself a connoisseur of most things “country”.  I love living near a city with all of its conveniences, but prefer to be a bit removed from the hustle and bustle.  I adore country farmhouses with their wraparound porches and welcoming feel.  I would love to rescue every barn I see falling into disrepair in someone’s pasture or abandoned feedlot.  My son is very young, but already I know that I want him to learn what it’s like to work on a farm, to live a simpler existence and know the inner satisfaction that comes from growing his own crops and raising his own livestock.

So, when I picked up the most recent issue of a popular country decorating magazine and read the editor’s column, I was amazed to learn that she encounters a number of people that have no idea what it means to decorate a home with a country  theme.  Perhaps it’s because I have grown up always loving the country way of life, but it’s sad to me that others have not had the opportunity to witness and enjoy such a warm and welcoming decorating style.  Certainly, we all have our individual interests and tastes, but to not even be aware of country decorating is such a pity.

Rustic furniture made from reclaimed barnwood, such as the Barnwood Designs Reclaimed Alpine Heirloom Bed, is certainly a solid foundation for a country decorating style.  The aged look and rustic character of the wood, along with the wrought iron hardware that is usually used for handles and hinges, provides a base for adding country accessories.  When adding to this foundation, “country” can take on some different but similar meanings.  The beauty of country is in its simplicity and individuality.  A home decorated with a country decor theme may incorporate several styles, including Americana, Colonial, primitive, cottage, or farmhouse.  Antiques are a frequent part of country decorating, as are collections of treasured items.  The culmination is often a cozy home that has a distinct personality that reflects that of the homeowner.

Although I have transitioned through a few different decorating styles, I have gravitated back to loving the country look.  I am slowly replacing our more contemporary furniture with pieces that have a rustic personality.  My home décor purchases are now more commonly made at thrift stores than at department stores.  I feel like my decorating style has finally come back to my roots…as a country connoisseur.

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  • Arm Tattoos for Guys says:

    I think these old fashioned bedroom styles are just amazing. Wooden material gives them an old charm and environment they are in (usually some country houses) give them soul. It is really, really amazing.

  • kiml says:

    Yes they do, the reclaimed barnwood bedroom sets can instantly change the way a room looks. Thanks for your comment!

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