Three Cheers for Tulips

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Old Adirondack Diamond Point Planter Box, Model #42

What a glorious sight those first spring flowers are! So many shades of yellow, orange, red, and blue…it can bring a song to your heart, a smile to your lips and a spring to your step. Tulips are among the most beautiful of the springtime bloomers. I’m sure we have all seen the pictures of fields of tulips, waves of beautiful blooms dancing with the spring breezes. They are so loved that many cities all across the country hold tulip festivals with these beauties as the star of the show.

Tulips love to bathe in plenty of spring sunshine to shake off the winter chill, much as the rest of us do. You can set up the perfect sunning spot with an outdoor seating arrangement for you and your guests alongside a nice bright flower bed for your blooming friends. Bask in the sun and enjoy the first warm days of spring surrounded by bright and cheerful blooms. Accentuate your colorful paradise by placing it at the end of a walkway graced with an arch or an arbor. For more even more spring beauty, plant the arbor with an early blooming vine such as clematis.

Of course, the beautiful tulip blooms will fade and drop by late spring or early summer. In their wake, they leave much less spectacular green leaves and stems. In order to enjoy color during other times of the year, intersperse the tulip plants with perennials that share the tulips’ love of the sun. When planting these perennials, however, be cautious as to not endanger the tulip bulbs that are in the ground. Try to plant in between the bulbs.

If you choose not to plant large beds to tulips, or prefer a more transportable tulip garden, take full advantage of planter boxes. If you want to move the boxes to other areas of your patio, either to enjoy the springtime beauty in various places or to switch to a shadier location for the flowers you plant after the tulips die down, be sure to place sturdy locking castor wheels under the planting box. The ability to roll the box to a more accessible watering spot may also come in handy once the days get hotter and dryer, causing watering needs to increase. However you choose to display them, let’s all give three cheers for our springtime bloomers…the tulips!!

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