Spring Forward into Spring Cleaning

At 2am on Sunday, March 13th, many locations in the United States will “spring forward” one hour as a practice of Daylight Savings Time. This is, most markedly, a landmark event for the beginning of the season of spring. Some locations are already enjoying spring-like weather with plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures, and tinges of green everywhere. Other places are still donning their snow shovels, clearing the sidewalk and driveway at regular intervals and straining to find the first glimpse of the promise of warmer weather.

As the weather grows more enjoyable, warm breezes blow and many people enjoy “open window weather”. It’s also a sign for many to begin the marathon housekeeping session known as spring cleaning. This is one of those two or three times a year when all the furniture gets moved, draperies get washed, dusting is done from floor to ceiling, walls are all wiped down and floors are all scrubbed and shampooed. It is a lot of work, but very rewarding when the end result is a sparkling clean house…at least for a day or two.

One of the rewards of springing forward is another hour of daylight in the evening. This is perfect for spring cleaning. You must prepare accordingly, however. Losing an hour of sleep is a drag, so be sure to get a good night’s rest in preparation for a long day (or weekend) of housecleaning. While moving the furniture, be sure to check it over for any weaknesses or blemishes that might have occurred since the last time it was inspected. If any are found, contact the furniture manufacturer right away and make arrangements to get it repaired. Most furniture made and/or sold by reputable furniture shops, such as JHE’s Log Furniture Place, carry limited to lifetime satisfaction guarantees.

Lastly, as part of Spring Cleaning, reconsider the placement of furniture in your home. Placing your bed in a different position may give you an entirely new outlook on mornings. By rearranging your living room furniture, you may be able to open up the room and make it look much bigger and airier. Take a look at your draperies and bedding. Is it a deep, dark color that is suited much more for winter months? Think about shopping for new curtains or a comforter in colors and materials that shout warm weather. This year, embrace springing forward with a good cleaning and a fresh new outlook on your furniture and décor!

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