Fashionable Furnishings for Fido

Log Pet Furniture Rustic Dog Cat

Pine Lake Dog Bed, Model # TONDB

We have a swing on our back patio. Not a nice outdoor log swing, heavy and sturdy. No, ours is a lightweight metal one. Needless to say, a strong wind will wreak havoc on it. We don’t even keep the sunshade on it because it acts more like a wind sail instead of its intended purpose. My husband had recently removed the seat from the swing’s frame and set it on the ground because a strong wind was threatening to blow over the whole contraption.

The other day I had let our dog out into the backyard to enjoy the sunshine. A little later, finding it odd that he hadn’t scratched at the door yet, I looked outside to see him enjoying the comfort of the swing that he figured had been set on the ground expressly for his benefit. He was bathing in sunlight, all curled up on the seat like he was napping on the living room sofa.

All of this made me think: why wouldn’t we consider setting up some nice outdoor furnishings for Fido? He’s as much a part of the family as we are, and he spends just as much time outdoors…or more… than we do. I’m not talking about a run-of-the-mill doghouse. Instead, I’m talking about an expansive log dog bed outfitted with a comfortable outdoor cushion. Fido might even appreciate a nice soft pillow or two on which to rest his weary head. There is the issue of shade if your backyard doesn’t have established trees to provide respite from the sun. You can provide Fido with his own version of a shade tent by erecting a frame and shade canopy. This is a great shade solution, but won’t provide your dog with much protection from the elements.  However, the chances are pretty good that he won’t want to be sleeping outside on a rainy day anyway.

You can complete Fido’s fashionable log furnishings with a log feeder. On really warm days, you can fill both bowls in the feeder with clean, cool water to ensure that Fido stays well-hydrated and cool. He will love and appreciate his new outdoor log furniture. In fact, he may want to spend so much time outside that he doesn’t scratch at the door until sundown.

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