Chest Full of Hopes and Dreams

FThis wooden chest is strong enough to hold you memories for the longest timerom the time we are little children, we learn that a wooden chest can be filled with the most magnificent of items.  We are told stories about a chest (or pot) full of gold at the end of a rainbow.  Tales are recounted about pirates that once upon a time fought violently over chests full of valuables.  Entire movies have been created around the plot of searching for buried or hidden treasure.

As adults, we know that chests usually don’t hold the mystical and magical contents of childhood tales, but they can certainly hold plenty of treasure.  Of course, the value of what is inside a chest is usually only significant to its owner.

Chests that have fairly lightweight lids and are outfitted with non-slamming hinges are perfect for holding collections of children’s toys.  Not only are log chests of this type easily accessible for little ones without worry of finger pinch, they keep toys hidden out of sight and the playroom a little cleaner.  The rugged stability of log chests can withstand the rigors of active children, so when the kiddos tire of the toys inside and decide to use the chest as a springboard instead, there is no worry about the chest collapsing.

Another common use for chests is storage for blankets and quilts.  The blanket chest can be found in nearly any room of the house.  The enclosed nature of a chest makes it an excellent choice for hiding away any items that you don’t want cluttering a room, and the chest has the added benefits of keeping stowed items smelling fresh and free of most dust bunnies and pet hair that may be circulating through the house.

My grandmother gave me a wooden chest as a Christmas gift when I was a young girl.  She called it a “hope chest” and had included inside a quilt and informed me that the quilt was to remain in the chest until I was married.  I guess that was a sign of her hope that I would someday meet a wonderful man that would ask for my hand in marriage.  Since that day, the chest has gathered quite a collection of significant items from my childhood.  In that regard, it’s more like a “memory chest”.  More appropriately, it should have been filled with ideas, dreams, fairy tales, and plans.

A hope chest is meant to give us inspiration for our future, and is to be a good reminder when life may start to pull us in a different direction.  Sometimes a chest full of hopes and dreams are all we need to get us back in track.

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