There’s No Place Like Home

Reclaimed Barn Wood Bed and Bedroom Furniture

Barnwood Designs Traditional Barnwood Bed, Model # B10040

Many of us remember that line from the movie The Wizard of Oz. But isn’t that the truth? Traveling, visiting, and vacationing are all certainly fun activities. At the end of the trip, though, there is just something so peaceful and inviting about getting back to your home, your personal sanctuary.

When I travel, my schedule gets out of whack and I start eating all the things that I shouldn’t. Then I come home to my lightly stocked house, where I keep temptations to a minimum. My habits and schedule get back to normal, I begin eating better again, and I feel healthier as a whole.

Then there is my bed, my blissful bed. Nothing anywhere else seems quite as comfortable. It’s like a well-broken in pair of jeans. The wide expanse of the queen-sized mattress and the fluffy softness of the goose down comforter are some of the best things about getting back to my own mailing address. After every trip, I release the tension of traveling with a big sigh of relief when I sink into my pillows. My bed is like my best friend.

Of course, the first place I go when I get home is my favorite chair. It’s comfy, it’s soft, and it fits me like a glove. Its arms are open wide as if to say “welcome home, now come here and let me give you a big hug”. Of course I oblige its wishes quite willingly.

There are many reasons why home is the best place to be. For many of us, it is our personally designed and decorated retreat. It is a place where we can be who we want to be and enjoy relaxing in the comfort of our favorite barnwood furniture. Dorothy really had it right in the Wizard of Oz when she clicked her red heels together and wished to be rushed back home.

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