Present Day Primitives

One of the most personal touches a homeowner can display is their own style of interior decorating. Some like clean, contemporary lines while others like a more rustic and primitive style. Still others combine different elements and design their own style. There is no right or wrong way to design your home.

The primitive style is one that is marked by rustic simplicity. Antiques are commonly part of this style. Primitives enthusiasts usually choose select items to build a collection around, such as game boards or oil lamps. The collection is displayed on some type of equally rustic furniture. Barn wood, because of its history and appearance, is the perfect backdrop for primitives collections. The Wyoming Reclaimed Buffet & Hutch is a suitable complement for an antique crock or serving ware collection. Pieces such as the Barnwood Designs Sideboard, Cottage Barnwood Console Table with 3 Drawers, or the Wyoming Reclaimed Barnwood 3 Drawer Nightstand provide nifty surfaces for displaying primitive items while also offering roomy storage opportunities within.

Interior home d├ęcor is a direct reflection of the personality of the homeowners. If your home is decorated with primitives, consider reclaimed barn wood furniture as a backdrop for your collection. It offers the best of both worlds; the history and patina of aged wood with the structural soundness of new construction. A barnwood furniture collection is a steadfast and attractive present day primitive collection.

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