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Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture

Cottage Barnwood 7 Drawer Dresser, Model # B12050

I love the look, feel, and character of barn wood furniture. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to find a way to afford any barn wood pieces. My furniture has the look of barn wood, but it is constructed of particle board and a veneer finish that has the rustic look from a distance.

The more I contemplate our furniture purchases, however, the more I realize that it’s the veneer pieces that we can’t afford. Because we are a military family, we move on a frequent basis. While those particle board pieces may look nice and stand up okay to everyday light use, they cannot tolerate being disassembled, moved, transported, then reassembled very many times before they begin to weaken and perhaps even break.

I am even more conscious of the durability of our furniture now that we have a child. Being a boy, I’m sure that he will be quite active when exercising on and around our furniture. I want to be secure in knowing that even though he is “abusing” the furniture, it can withstand his energy and emerge just as durable and sturdy as before he came along.

Considering that our cheaper furniture purchases made at large furniture chain stores may only last a few years, and actual all-wood barn wood furniture will last a lifetime, the additional money spent up front on the barn wood furniture more than pays for itself after several moves and an active little boy. Knowing that I don’t have to worry about a coffee table crumbling under our son’s weight or a dining room chair leg breaking and sending whoever is sitting in it falling to the floor saves me a lot of stress. Next time I will be sure to budget and plan for all-wood reclaimed furniture before I settle on spending a little less for particle board and veneer.

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