My Bed, My Altar

Barnwood Designs Reclaimed Alpine Platform

A bed is one of the furniture that is present in every house. It is as important as a dining table and a file cabinet and more important than a coffee table (at least for some people, like me). It is an indispensable part of what we call home. It is our body’s altar when we surrender in our exhaustion and decide to give ourselves that one magnificent sleep we deserve after the whole day of work and stress. For couples, especially, this is the sanctuary of their love and intimacy. This is where they spend the night together after being apart the whole day attending to their individual responsibilities. Being an “altar” we cannot just settle for anything less, we cannot just buy and put any kind of bed in our bedroom. It has to be that one bed that will satisfy our need not just for console and for comfort but also for style and elegance, and endurance.

Having these things in mind, then in what kind of bed should we settle? The answer is simple and just a few clicks away, you can find it at JHE’s Log Furniture Place.

Browsing their site will make your mouth water for beautifully crafted barn wood furniture, especially their bed designs. There are a lot of designs for different uses and purposes such as the master’s bedroom and children’s bedroom.

For the kid’s room, JHE’s have a rustic double deck bed that will surely match your kid’s choice. The upper deck has a partial enclosure to ensure safety to the child. As they say, gone are the days when kids’ rooms are inspired and full of fairy tale characters, it is time that you realign your kids’ interest and teach them to appreciate and love what reality and nature can provide for them. This will also give your kid’s room that personality and attitude that will surely make him love his room and his bed. Moreover, with a bed like that it would definitely not be difficult to send them to their rooms either to study or to sleep.

For the master’s beddings, the manufacturer has more than 100 designs you can chose from; every bed is crafted to perfection to match each person’s delicate taste and choice. Each bed is made from solid barn wood, put together to create perfect beds that will fit your perfect room. Every bed is handcrafted to give you the details that will satisfy your most unique style.  Though it has a sturdy look, and sure is sturdy, it provides unmatched comfort and heavenly relaxation.

A barn wood bed will give your room the rustic, classic and elegant appearance that will make you want to be home and in bed all the time.

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