Light Your Fire

Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen

Meyda Bear Creek Arched Fireplace Screen, Model # 23434

I had forgotten how much I love a fireplace. The first home my husband and I lived in had a gas fireplace, and I used to turn it on just for the peaceful and homey ambience it created in the room. There is just something so cozy about snuggling up in front of the fire to read, watch television, play games, or even to sleep. Since that time, our Army life has taken us to several different homes, only one of which had a fireplace, but that one did not function.

Then we stayed with some family members who have a wonderful basement family room layout with a fireplace in the corner. In the cool dark of the night, I went and sat in front of the fire and became entranced with the motion of the flames. I chuckled as I thought about how suitable that location would be for an indoor camping party. The furniture could be moved so a tent could be set up and the entire family could camp out by the fire without a worry about bugs, bears, or the weather.

You can enhance your fireplace environment with fireplace screens from JHE’s Log Furniture Place. Many different designs and models are available. A truly unique and rustic complement to your fireplace, the Antler Fireplace Tool Set can either be useful for those who burn wood, or a beautiful accent for an easy-care gas fireplace.

Not only an accessory means to heat your home, a fireplace can be the easiest way to create a cozy and homey atmosphere. Light your fire for a date night at home, a peaceful nightcap, to keep a more peaceful tone to family game night, or just to enjoy the lulling motion of the flames. They will warm your outside…and your inside.

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