From Reclaimed to Acclaimed

Rustic Natural Cedar Log Porch Swing with Chain Kit

Reclaimed wood has a unique character that cannot be taken for granted. They have been taken from 19th century wooden darns, warehouses, building, and mills. They are characterized by their sturdiness that cannot be provided by virgin wood in the forest. They are built for their durability that is unquestionably from high standards. Durability of reclaimed wood can be thought of when you came up with the idea on how long have they been in existence from the time that they were cut and logged many years ago.

  1. Reclaimed wood are also noted for its antique appeal. They can shine out like no other. They do not fail to meet fashion needs in home interior designing because they are great fashion statement themselves. The rustic touch brought about by each pieces can be depicted and seen from their design and style. There is no doubt that they are carefully hand crafted to provide a classic touch in every home. If you are thinking of creating a new look for your home, you can opt for rustic pieces that can give you the need for great and elegant style.
  2. Reclaimed wood is of high quality. As you know it, they are garnered directly from demolition sites so they are carefully selected from the entire structure. There are no two pieces that are said to be the same. Only the best parts of the entire wood are selected to achieve the goal of many online manufacturers—create high quality and unique pieces.
  3. Reclaimed wood is not harmful for the environment as they do not come from virgin woods in the forest. They do not require logging and cutting of the wood just to make new furniture pieces that can be sold to many households across the world. In this way, you do not have to worry about being a contributor to the destruction of the environment particularly the trees. Barn wood is recycled so they cannot be considered to be agents in nature and biodiversity loss. As you know, some animals become extinct for the main reason that their natural habitat is being destroyed because of illegal logging. With barn wood, animals in the forest are also safe from extinction because it does not compromise the natural homes of wildlife in the forest

Reclaimed wood has more benefits than harm. If you want to achieve that rustic appeal for your home, you can opt for barn wood furniture because of their durability, antique appeal, high quality and love for nature.

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