Determine Your Wood Furniture Finish

Log furniture is awesome and it is a great part of anyone’s investment when it comes to home decors. One of the best properties of log pieces is their elegance in style that no other type of furniture can give. Their beauty is what many costumers all over the world have been after for. With them, you do not have to replace your furniture year in and out to keep up with the trend in furniture style and design.

However, you should also consider on how to take care of them. Since they are big part of your investment, it is truly essential to know the best care you care you can provide for them. Taking care of them is not just about saving money but it’s also about maintaining their original form and beauty.

It would be fantastic if you would learn on how to maintain and keep their natural appeal. There are many online sources you can check out to find information on how to take care of log pieces in many cases. Since there are many available sources online, it may be hard to choose which one will work for you. Do not despair because in this article you will learn on how to take good care of your precious wood pieces.

There are different procedures on how you can maintain the beauty of your wood furniture which highly depends on the type of wood and furnishing that it has. You can be provided with numerous listings and guides on how to keep the natural rustic appeal of your rustic woods pieces.

To think of it, most of them are made of either solid or veneers. In this case, you need to determine first the category your pieces belong. This is to be able to recognize the right procedure that it requires.  Also, you got to recognize the finish of your furniture. Bear in mind that the finish is what you have to finish and not the wood! Some finishes in wood furniture include opaque, clear, shellac, lacquer, polyurethane-based, and varnish.

It is also vital to determine the type of finish that your furniture has to know the best type of maintenance for it. If you are not sure about the finish of your log pieces, you have to check it out by trying the next tests in parts of it that is not obvious.

To check for oil finish, get a few drops of linseed oil and rub it on the inconspicuous part of the furniture. If the wood absorbs it, the finishing used on it is oil.

For hard finish, get acetone and apply it on one part of the log piece. Do it on a circular motion for 30 sec. If the furniture is furnished with shellacs or varnish, it will turn sticky after a couple of minutes while polyester/polyurethane finish will repel acetone like other liquids. Take note: Shellacs dissolve faster than varnish in denatured alcohol.

Generally, you have to clean any type of wood furniture whatever their finish is. You have to dust your log pieces a few times a week to maintain their natural shine. All of them also need to be away from sunlight. Each of them has their own finishes that you have to consider before cleaning them. For more information, check out the manufacturers detailed instructions about wood furniture maintenance.

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