Taking a Good Look with Reclaimed Furniture

Barnwood Designs Reclaimed Alpine Heirloom Bed

Reclaimed log furniture is a rustic selection to wood furniture. The woods that are used have been weathered to reach its unique rustic perfection. The vintage of these have held out to the test of time. Working history rich, the timeless and endless beauty of antique reclaimed wood furniture is definitely unmistakable.

No planks of antique and rustic barnwood sides are the same, so each reclaimed barnwood furniture is as distinct and all its own. Its color and unique weathered characteristics are influenced by the location of the barn, whether it was situated on a valley, hill, exposed under the sun or is covered in ivy.

What’s really interesting in reclaimed barnwood is that it differs from barn to barn One side of it may be facing the south and therefore is exposed more to sun. However, there are more areas that are covered by the oak tree. And because the sidings are reclaimed from old structures that are centuries old, these are no longer safe to use. And that, by no means, do not reclaim a structure which is of historical importance or is nonetheless in working condition.

This distinctive piece of reclaimed furniture is a naturally produced jobs of art, handcrafted by master builders with great craftsmanship and pride and is made to last you a lifetime.

The Alpine collection features aged timber with a European Countryside design. It is through natural weather condition the woods are aged. The wood used is actually rough cut and sawn circularly that may be the exact same technique that was employed in many various lumber yard at the century’s turn. Each piece is sanded by hand so as to make sure that the furniture has a smooth finished feel.

Usually, hammered brass nails are used as well as leather handles to enhance the rustic feeling.

Choose in between the typical base or add the built-in trundle with drawers for additional storage space.  The Alpine collection has 4 several colors to choose from: Barn Red, Ebony, Ivory, and Natural. They apply several coats of stain to the wood, glaze the wood, after which it is sealed with catalyzed lacquer to seal in the wood and protect it. This process provides the Alpine collection a more nation and rustic feeling which is definitely suitable for any home.

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