Reinventing your Living Room With Log Chair

North Woods Chair Futon

Wood is a renewable resource that grows naturally with the aid of seasons. Trees in the forest grow on its own without any maintenance required from man. However, with man’s growing number of activities like logging, camping, hiking and hunting; balance of nature is compromised.

However, the demand can be high and many consumers are up to having these pieces in their homes. Good thing, there are wood furniture manufacturers like JHE’s Log Furniture Place that ensures the quality in their log products. They have been the trusted name in the industry since 1998. They have the widest selection of furniture of over 3500 kinds to suit every need.

One of the best selling products that the company can offer is their line of Rustic Natural Cedar furniture. In this category, you can select on the North Woods chair futon with the original price of $600. Now, you can get them at a special price of $569 with free shipping. That is $31 in total savings!

It is made from Knotty pine with arms 6” in diameter. The arms are fastened securely to ensure its durability. The solid structure of the chair makes it sturdy and tough that can last for a lifetime.

Also, the log is draw knifed by hand to guarantee its great craftsmanship. Its front-operating solid wood futon is screwed and glued together using a better wood which cannot be found on most futons.

The North woods chair futon is great with a lifetime warranty. You will not encounter any problem at all because the company can replace the whole product at no extra cost to you. If the chair is found to be defective in craftsmanship, they can provide you a new North woods chair futon with a smile.

It can be great with other North woods furniture that you can browse on in this online store. Isn’t that great? Your choices are not limited to one design and style because other great choices are in line for you to choose from.

You can also choose whether you want your North Woods chair futon to be unfinished, clear finish or in a medium finish. You just have to add $40 if you want it to be medium finish. Another great option, you can prefer to have it with an ottoman. The ottoman can be a small coffee table or it can be used as itself. If you prefer to have an ottoman to come along with your North Woods chair futon, you just need to add $220 and it’s yours.

That’s not all, if you want to have something soft to sit on, order your North Woods chair futon with the black futon mattress available in black for an additional price of $144. The mattress comes with either an 8” futon mattress or 8” innerspring mattress.

If you wish to order one for you home, contact the manufacturer and your all new North Woods chair futon will be at your doorstep in 2-3 days!

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