Reclaimed or Replicated…Can You Tell?

Barn wood is beautiful. It has loads of character, thanks to the grooves, notches, and holes that it contains. It is everlasting. Think of how many years some barns have stood. It contains history. Our country, our very existence, was founded on agriculture. It tells a story. Throughout a barn’s lifetime, it has seen and experienced many sights and events and weather conditions. It can even stand strong through economic downturns like the Great Depression.

Yes, we love barn wood for many different reasons. We admire it so much that we want to bring it into our homes, use it to make our furniture, create our life stories around it. But what if the barn wood used for building our furniture is replicated instead of reclaimed? Is the finished product any less beautiful?

Replicated barnwood furniture, like the Timberwood and Rural Root lines, is born of rough sawn pine logs. This treatment leaves a textured surface that is loaded with character. The logs are then carefully sanded to leave a smooth finish with safely rounded edges, but not so much as to remove the saw marks and character of the rough wood. Once a replicated barn wood item is finished and placed beside a reclaimed barnwood piece, it is very difficult to determine the difference in the two. Only the wood itself could tell us the truth.

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