One Fine Futon

Kimlor Palm Grove Futon Ensemble, Model # 09049000043KM

Futons are a wonderful piece of furniture. Not only do they make a fine sitting spot as a couch, loveseat, or chair, but they also open up to serve as sleeping quarters. This can be especially helpful in a house that is small and doesn’t have a bedroom to spare for guests. A futon is a more elegant version of a sleeper sofa.

One of the problems with a futon is that sometimes the cushions get worn with use or may seem drab and boring after you’ve looked at them for a while. You may even wish you could change the look of the cushions from season to season. At JHE’s Log Furniture Place, you can refresh the look of your futon and match it with your bed linens and shower curtain too!

Whether you like a more tropical look in your home or prefer a woodsier, natural feel, several different futon cover designs are available. For bird hunters, the Kimlor Dogs & Ducks set will probably get the heart racing. Beach lovers will delight in the easy breezy look of the Palm Grove Ensemble. Those who like to bring the outdoors in may fall in love with the Hardwood or Break-Up futon covers.

If you’re looking at your futon and realizing it is a tired-looking shadow of its former self, jazz it up with a new futon cover. Your entire living room will benefit from the new design. Guests and family will take one look around and exclaim, “That is one fine futon you have there!”

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