Barnwood Backdrop

Oftentimes we talk about reclaimed barnwood furniture as a rustic style that transcends into our homes and lawns. For some, that may be true. But for others, the barnwood is merely an aid, a backdrop for the focus of the room. The rustic simplicity and muted appearance of barnwood makes it a perfect complement to styles that may be bolder in color or in lines.

One of the styles that coexist well with barnwood is that of the traditional Western cowboy. It only makes sense…the cowboy likely spent a lot of time in barns, tending to his horses and oiling his tack. Bringing this combination into the home may present a fun and rewarding challenge. Hang a Western hat and lasso on a hook of the hall tree and set a pair of cowboy boots on the floor beside it and they begin to tell a story. Place a pair of spur-adorned lamps with bronco shades on your barnwood end tables and bring a new meaning to “spurs a-jingling”.

Western style is also marked with bold colors, rich textures, and earthy patterns. Adorn your bedroom with linens of bright red and black tied together in a Navajo fashion. Add some faux fur throws and pillows and your bedroom is complete with the essence of the Old West. The red in the comforter and curtains plays on the red tinge of the barnwood and pulls the room together.

When considering reclaimed barnwood furniture for your home, be aware that not only is it a great style unto itself, but it is also the perfect complement for many other styles of décor. Your story will depend on how you choose to accessorize your barnwood furniture and whether you bring it to the forefront or use it as a backdrop.

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