Barn, Born Again

North Woods Timberwood Barn Wood Bed, Model # TWB-Q

In many of these posts, the subject of log homes is discussed in great detail. The trusses in the rafters, the expansive size of the open floor plan, and the large amount of natural light filtering in through the large walls of windows are all reasons we love log homes. Natural log construction is marked with a great deal of character and personality as we see the grain and imperfections of every log that makes up the home. Perhaps that is the reason log homes are so homey and warm-feeling.

Today we are going to discuss a type of home that is equally charming and may have an even greater story to share: the reclaimed barn that has been remodeled into a home. I’m sure at some point that you have seen an article written about some passionate people who wanted to save a barn and in the process made it into their permanent residence. This can be a very expensive and time consuming venture. More commonly, you may have seen new construction that has been designed and built to have the appearance of a barn. For those who love the barn look but don’t have enough money, time, or desire to refurbish and save an old barn, a new barn house is a great solution. There may be some disappointment over the inability to save one of our dying agricultural icons, but at least you are erecting a monument to honor all of those old barns who have gone before your new one.

The same can be said about reclaimed barnwood furniture. It too has many stories to tell. The trials and tribulations endured by the wood is etched into the grain and put on display for all to admire. To consider the history that barnwood furniture has seen in its primitive state is awe-inspiring. Of course, all of that character and the work that went into salvaging it is accompanied with a pretty hefty price tag, and one that not all of us can afford.

There is another option. Like those who want a barn house but can’t afford to refurbish, you can have barnwood furniture without paying the price for history. JHE’s Log Furniture Store carries the Rural Root and Timberwood lines that have the look of reclaimed barnwood but are actually constructed of rough-sawn newly harvested pine wood. These designs are a little easier on the pocketbook but still deliver the look and charm of reclaimed wood.

If the dream of living in a reclaimed barn home decorated with reclaimed barn wood furniture is one that you have, you will likely be investing a lot of money and time into the realization of your dream. If the barn home lifestyle is what you wish to achieve, you can reach your goal with new construction. The choice is up to you and just how much you can and want to invest.

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