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HMI Star Sheet Set

Products by JHE’s are always environment friendly, a tribute to nature, and a compliment to interior and exterior designing. They are always offering furniture and accessories that will be definitely be at use as always and worth buying for. As I was browsing through their collection and sets, I noticed their beddings and curtain ones. I noticed that the matching bed sheets, bed post curtains, windows curtains and pillow cases are wonderful in the eyes. It made me think what we should always put in mind about matching such things and try not to let it look like a living disaster. I realized…

  • Never too much matching. Why? If you match everything, I mean EVERYTHING, with the same color; it would be murder for your eyes and for your taste. You can match the bed sheets, the curtains and all that, but never the whole room. You can base from one color, like BLUE for example, and then experiment with other shades that are still near Blue. Never stay on the same palette or you’ll be burning your eyes out. Match them mildly but surely, not overly.
  • Stay on one theme. If your curtains are flowery, then you might make the bed sheets and pillows have the same similar design. You can’t put up a curtain with flowers then a bed sheet of fishes. Nope. That’ll kill the very meaning if interior designing. So if it’s flowers, then stick with flowers please.
  • Pick what is YOU. Choose designs that are connected on who you are. Like if you are an avid admirer of birds, put some bird-themed curtains and bed sheets. If it’s sheep, then let it be sheep then. Make sure that whatever theme you make your curtain or bed, it’ll be you. Design your room with who you are, so it’ll make the whole room comfortable for you, the owner.

What’s wonderful at JHE’s is that they have what you would like to put in your room. All you need is to browse through their galleries and spot the apple of your eye. They always make the best quality products that will surely make your time and money all worth it.

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