Deck the Walls

Blessings of Christmas by Linda Spivey

The Christmas holiday is a time when our “to-do” lists are long and time seems to be shorter than usual. From writing and addressing cards to shopping and wrapping gifts, baking cookies to decorating your house, there are so many tasks to complete before Christmas. I’m not sure about anyone else, but for me the time to do those things seems to get shorter every year.

I love to decorate the house for Christmas. Every year I add to my collection of decorations. I begin by tuning in to some holiday music, putting up the Christmas tree, stringing up the lights, and hanging the ornaments. The rest of the decorations are settled in throughout the house after the tree has been adorned in its holiday glory.

One part of the house that I don’t typically think about decorating is the walls. Some folks actually take down most or all of their artwork and replace it with Christmas and holiday scenes. It’s a wonderful way to complete the festive atmosphere in your home. JHE’s Log Furniture Place offers a wide assortment of holiday artwork in their Art Gallery. If winter landscapes are what you are looking for, you can find several pieces in the Gallery. If you want a craftier, primitive feel, then check out the numerous signs and prints. Mix and match different styles and colors to highlight various areas of your home.

This Christmas, take some time to slow down and enjoy your decorating experience. The shopping and cookies can wait a day or two. Break out the cocoa and holiday music and get to decorating. Don’t forget to deck your walls!

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