Antler Accents

Antler Double Wine Holder, Model # WB-2

The upcoming Christmas holiday makes for a festive and exciting time for many people. Shopping, baking, camaraderie, and family all abound at this most special time of the year. But for some folks like my husband, December signifies something else of great excitement…hunting season!

My husband is not really an avid hunter. He enjoys deer camp more for the good times spent with friends, telling tall tales from the past and spawning new stories for future deer camps. These are guys he grew up with, went to school with, that he has known forever. Hunting deer with them is close to one of the best things in the world to him.

But then there’s the aftermath. The trophies, some might say. The big rack that simply cannot be cast aside, but instead must somehow be treasured for infamy. Every year a new trophy comes along. The first couple received the traditional treatment…a trip to the taxidermist and a few months later is ready for hanging on the wall. But over time that treatment becomes boring and hum drum. A new method must be found.

The trophies from a year or two can be combined into an antler chandelier. Wives and girlfriends might be a little more accommodating for the display of the man’s trophies in this fashion. Everyone is happy; the husband can proudly point out his catch to visitors but the chandelier is stylish enough for the wife to allow it a prominent place in the dining room.

But what then? There must be other avenues in which to stylishly display the antler trophies. How about incorporating them into sofa or coffee table? Using them as hooks on a hall tree? As a wine rack in the kitchen? There are a plethora of possibilities for displaying the trophies of the season without argument. Heck, the antler accents might even be the perfect place for the deer hunter’s wife to hang Christmas decorations while he is out collecting more trophies for the home décor.

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