Wood for Winter

Rustic Natural Cedar Firewood Rack, Model # 1002

The holidays are fast approaching, aren’t they? It is amazing how quickly time can pass us by. Even if you aren’t paying attention to the calendar days ticking off, the change of weather will certainly clue you in. Here where I live, the temperature has taken quite a dip over the past week. It is a certain reminder that Thanksgiving and Christmas, then winter, are just around the bend.

The change of season demands that we prepare for the winter that is approaching. If you are a gardener, you must mulch and protect your plants from the cold. If you are a greenskeeper, your lawn needs to be aerated and fertilized. Some folks make it a yearly habit to caulk and winterize the outside of their home, and the crisp days of fall are the opportune time to complete those tasks.

A good many of us are birdwatchers. We may not be the kind that don a pair of binoculars and venture outside with a bird guide in hand, but rather enjoy our feathered friends from inside the comfort of our homes. Fall time is the best time to start feeding the birds we want to watch.  There are many kinds of feeders that allow us to do this. For maximum visibility, you can install a clear Plexiglas feeder on the outside of your window. If you have an indoor cat, this will drive kitty crazy and provide her with hours of entertainment. For a prettier alternative, a rustic wooden feeder can be situated on a log post outside the window so that you can enjoy it from inside the house but passersby can admire your birdie banquet as well.

This time of year we begin to truly enjoy the fireplace and/or wood stove that is a prominent feature in many of our homes. Luckily, they serve a function other than aesthetics…they can warm our home at a minimum cost and with maximum ambiance. You will want the firewood to be close at hand so you don’t have to brave the winter elements in order to fuel your fireplace. Stack your firewood in a rustic rack for a beautiful wood storage solution.

Fall is a time of many to-do items, especially with the winter holidays knocking at our door. The chill in the air is a reminder that family is coming and bitter cold is just around the bend. Here’s hoping that your list is short and your enjoyment is long.

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