Log for Bruno

Cottage Log Dog Bed

I have a pet who is a total pet lover. It was never hard to give gifts to her because I know she would appreciate anything that can be used by her pet dog, a Golden Retriever, called Bruno. But after years of giving gifts like little balls, and dog bowls or customized pet clothes, I started to wonder what else I could give her, and her dog, that has a little bit of my personality in it. As I thought about it, I said that I like contemporary style furniture – barnwood, log, hickory, cedar and all that. So I had the idea that maybe she’d like a log bed for her beloved dog that had been her favorite for years. At once, I looked for the perfect one and bought a cushion for it too. I was not sure if she would appreciate the log pet bed as I never knew if she can appreciate country-style as much as I do.

But miraculously, when her birthday came (she consider that her and Bruno’s birthday is on the same date), I gave her the log pet bed and she exclaimed that she loved it. She said it was like being back at her childhood when she was visiting her grandparents in the countryside. I was relieved and happily described the durability and appeal of the log pet bed. She listened intently as her dog barked happily, lying down on its new bed. I eventually realized that country style and furniture isn’t for humans only to enjoy, but also for our beloved pets that can appreciate log pet beds as well. I was once again impressed of the versatility of log furniture, whether it’s for humans or animals, it can still be at its best. From appearance to quality, you can never expect it to be mediocre. Log furniture will always have its charm on any situation possible – like for pets too.

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