Lofty Living

If you are like me, you love a house with an open floor plan. I have never really understood the desire to close a house in, pull the blinds, and close the curtains. Minimal walls and maximum natural sunlight make a house so much more cheerful and pleasant to live in. A natural energy comes from a bright home, even when it’s rainy and windy or snowy and cold outside.

High vaulted ceilings can enhance the amount of natural sunlight and feeling of spaciousness in your home. Even the second floor can be bright and cheery when an open loft design is incorporated into the floor plan. Overlooking the great room, oftentimes a loft room is accompanied by a bank of windows to allow sunlight to penetrate the upstairs rooms.

The loft room is one that can have many different purposes. It is a room that can be used for family & friends game night, crafting, as a guest bedroom, a media center, a bright office, or a quiet seating area for reading. Depending on its size, it may be a multi-purpose room. In one area of the space, you can make a seating area with a log chair futon with ottoman and a log futon configuration. With the addition of a rustic lamp and log end table, this arrangement can double as a reading area. Add a media center opposite the seating area, along with some bean-bag chairs, and you have a family movie area. In a different area of the loft room, you can place a billiard table or poker table for entertaining friends. Don’t forget to place a log pub table and a cue rack close for drinks and convenience.

Not only does an open floor plan allow for plenty of natural sunlight to enter your home, but you have the added bonus of a loft room. What other room in your home has so many different possibilities? It could easily become your favorite living space in the entire house.

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