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Barnwood Designs Black Mountain Barnwood Bunk Bed

Me and my husband decided to make another room to separate our three kids.  Our eldest was nearly 17 and had consistently demanded that he get his own room.  After a couple of debates, arguments and heated discussions, we finally gave in.  So in the spare room, we cleaned up, put some stuffs away and finally made it ready.  But we noticed that the room was too big for him alone, so we made another negotiation.  We suggested that he gets to keep the smaller room, which was their former one, and let the other younger two stay at the bigger new room.  Eventually, we all agreed and we were off to find new beds for the two.  They were all boys, so it wouldn’t be hard to find them a new bed, rather than with girls, which might demand Princess Beds in the process.

But a week passed and we still can’t find the right bed.  The two, following suit after their oldest brother, decided they won’t share a single bed.  Though the new room was spacious, it would not be enough to fit two beds on it.  So, we needed a solution, before one of them have the idea of getting his new room too.  That’s when my Mom came to visit and gosh, it was such a breather!  I forgot that I can consult to her when it comes to furniture; she knows a lot of things and still the best mom in the world.  And, as usual, she came up with a solution immediately.  She brought me to a shop that sells reclaimed barn wood furniture and pointed out the wonderful barn wood design mountain bunk bed.  I was appalled to realize that I had forgotten about bunk beds, and the bed mom showed me was perfect.  It will fit well in the room and still give a lot of space for other furniture.  The clerk said it was made from a 100+ years of barnwood and really impressed me.  And so, the ending of it all was that big brother got what he wants but was envious of the bed his other brothers got in their new room.  I found it silly, really, but felt lucky to have mom recommend the barnwood bed – it was fantastic!

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