Day Beds are the Best!

Cottage Daybed

Me and my family visited some relatives at the South last month and decided to stay at a small hotel.  I was thrilled to realize that the hotel is contemporary-styled – there was a small piano, log bookshelves, cedar tables and chairs and all that!  But what actually caught my eyes was their day bed, it was so inviting I really wanted to jump on its soft cushion but thought better of it because maybe we’re not allowed to.  Its charm really appealed to me and I was curious to know how comfortable it is to lie there during the afternoons.

That’s why when we got back from the visit, I searched the internet for day beds and found a lot of wonderful options to choose from. I found a certain one at JHE’s which really appealed to me too.  I imagined it in our hallway facing the door to the backyard and was satisfied of what I saw in my head.  It’ll be perfect, I’ll even bet on it!  According to the descriptions, they were hand-crafted, which assured me that its quality is as solid as it could be, and totally strong to support my weight or anyone who’ll use it.  I also noticed that the logs seemed to be hand-peeled too, which gave me the impression that each bed had took enough time to finish so that its quality will reach its best until ready to be sold.  Soon enough, I encouraged my husband to purchase the log day bed and finally got it shipped to us.  I was right all along – the bed looked so perfect in our house that each of my family spent time on it.  I found myself reading my books in the afternoon, lying on it, when everything was done and it was still too early to work.  Day beds are such winners, you should try it too.  It’s comfortable, appealing and something worth buying for.

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