Cowboy Chic

The restaurants I frequent are my favorites for many different reasons. Some have a particular dish that I crave, others have great services, and still others exude an ambience that makes me want to settle in and stay awhile.

One of the eating establishments highest on my “must visit” list is one that I rate high in all three categories. The food there (especially the sweet potato fries) is always wonderful, we have never had bad service, and the atmosphere is cozy and inviting. This particular restaurant has four different locations, and each of them is decorated in a way that can be called “cowboy chic”.

Cowboy chic is a cozy style indicative of the rustic and rugged outdoors. Colors used in throws and accents are bold and deep, and reflect hues found in nature. Natural elements should be incorporated throughout the home. Barnwood furniture is a perfect way to establish this balance. Wood that has spent years, perhaps decades out in the elements and then reclaimed as furniture is the epitome of bringing the outdoors inside.

Because the focus should be on the great outdoors, window treatments of this style are minimal. This allows a maximum amount of light to enter the home while providing an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape. Natural antler lighting fixtures inside the home can offer a unique taste of the great outdoors.

You don’t have to own a nice restaurant to enjoy the cowboy chic style. It is a way of decorating that can be implemented and enjoyed in your own home. Because you already own barnwood furniture, you are well on your way to bringing the outdoors in. Just add some cozy blankets and cushy pillows, an antler chandelier, and you will be chic in a cowboy way.

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