Counting Sheep ’til the Cows Come Home

Life is too short for boring beds. That should be a bumper sticker or one of those thoughtful expressions found on the inside of a chocolate wrapper. After all, what kind of dreams can a chintzy presswood and veneer bed inspire? We should desire a big solid bed that will carry us through a lifetime of sweet dreams. We should want to count sheep ‘til the cows come home.

Speaking of sheep and cows, there is no better material to build that sturdy bed out of than reclaimed barnwood. The very sheep you are counting may be dreamy descendants of the sheep that used to call the barn that makes up your bed, home. The sheep that are jumping through your dreams may be making the leap back into the warm and comfortable stalls that nurtured their dam or grandsire. The cows may be drifting home to the stanchions where their maternal family was milked, providing protein-packed nutritional beverages for the farmer, wife, and children.

The barnwood beds sold by JHEs Log Furniture Place originate from many different beginnings. Some of them are crafted from the wood of old tobacco barns, some from Wyoming cattle barns, others are of Midwestern descent, while a select few are new construction carefully designed to mimic the look and feel of aged barnwood. The actual story behind the wood cannot be completely known, and it is possible that wood from several different barns were combined to create your bed. This is the stuff that fuels great dreams. These are timeless and solid beds that will allow you to count sheep ‘til the cows come home.

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