By the Light of the Moose

Moose Standing 3 Light Candlebra Lamp, Model #L-3

It is a fair assumption that many fans of barnwood furniture possess an affinity for all things unique and rustic. Barnwood pieces offer more individuality than other types of rustic furniture. Wood reclaimed from barns has a story to tell, a novel forged from years of battling the elements and housing the livelihood of the farmer that owned it. Even the nails that were used to connect the boards and fashion the structure were probably wrought by hand, created by laborers for the express purpose of joining together a sound structure that would stand the test of time.

It can also be reasonably assumed that connoisseurs of barnwood furniture will also seek out unique pieces in which to illuminate their home. Many different options for lighting fixtures exist that will fit into your rustic décor. Some of the most unusual lamp creations combine the modern light bulb with one of Mother Nature’s most prominent wildlife creations…antlers.

Antler light fixtures are available with hardware from different species, the most common of which is deer. Commonly found in hunting lodges and mountain resorts, antler furniture is as individual as the animal that shed the antlers to make it. Perhaps one of the most uniquely shaped antlers of all is that of the moose.

Moose lighting fixtures are difficult to come by, but rest assured that JHE’s Log Furniture Place has an option for you. The Moose Standing 3 Light Candlebra Lamp will be a showpiece on the end table in your living room or reading desk in your den. Visitors will be wowed by the majestic moose antler, marveling how you could have such an uncommon antler as a lamp in your home. You can grin when you explain to them how you work and read by the light of the moose.

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